UniosunStreetFashion is back again with it’s interview and this time around it’s the ever inspiring “LOPEWATERS “.

The interview was conducted by our publicist ” Mr Kiddah “

Mr Kiddah : Good day, can we get to know you proper?

Lopewaters: Hii…My name is Ademola Nafisat Adesola…A student of Osun state university…Studying Linguistics and communication studies..I’m in my finals🤗

Mr. Kiddah: Can you tell us about what you understand by the word “Fashion”?

Lopewaters: well,to my own understanding fashion is a manner,mode,way or style of dressing…Ummm a trend in which a person dresses…
Lopewaters: it’s just something we deal with everyday…

Mr. Kiddah: So what do you think about the level of fashion in uniosun?

Lopewaters: smile…Well,the fashion trend ain’t bad…It’s quite satisfying…At least students showcase the latest fashion trend…Some dress in a very pleasing way,while some don’t..But the level of  fashion in uniosun is Awesome…

Mr. Kiddah: Rate it between 1% to 100%

Lopewaters: Wow! ummmm 60%

Mr. Kiddah: As a model/fashionista,what do you expect in the upcoming UniosunStreetFashion?

Mr. Kiddah: As a model/fashionista,what do you expect in the upcoming UniosunStreetFashion?

Lopewaters: Let’s keep all hopes high…I like to b very optimistic…I believe it’s going to meet up with my expectations…I expect nothing less….

Mr. Kiddah: How would you feel if it was below your expectations?

Lopewaters: lool really! if it was below my expectations then it’s probably because there need to be an adjustment somwhere and it lacks somethings..It just an opportunity to b better next..It really can b that perfect…International shows still slacks somewhere and they get better next…

Mr. Kiddah: Tell us, how do you cope with shuffling education and fashion?

Lopewaters: It’s isn’t really a big task…It’s an everyday thing I have to deal with…You are addressed the way you dress…I do fashion proper…If u had said how do I cope with education and modeling,then it is really a big one for me..

Lopewaters: But actually there r some outfits I would like to rock to school but because of the rules,I am not permitted to wear them into the university..So that’s the little educational challenge..

Mr. Kiddah: What do you think we also chip in to make it unique?

Lopewaters: Ummmm we all can make it unique…The models should rock the dresses with boldness…There isn’t anything specific,to give it ur best shot is the uniqueness…

Mr. Kiddah: As a fashionista, whats your favorite designer?

Lopewaters: my first ever designer was Michael kors…So I’m a Michael kors lover…

Mr. Kiddah: So what’s your advice to people looking up to you?

Lopewaters: Ummmm do not change to b like me…You can only emulate my good habits,I have my own flaws too…Just b you,always render an helping hand to d needy,have fun,pray,do not let people’s opinion change who you are,I repeat always be you…No fake life,b honest and you sure gon live a GOODLIFE…I love you all…

Mr. Kiddah: Nice, it’s been a lovely and great time having a conversation to you….  God bless 🙏🙏

Lopewaters: Thanks for honouring me…I’m glad..

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