UniosunStreetFashion is back again with it’s interview and this time around it’s the ever inspiring “SheyiNation”.

The interview was conducted by our publicist ” Mr Kiddah “

Mr Kiddah : Good evening sir.
Can you introduce yourself to us sir?

Seyi Nation: I’m BAMIGBAYAN OLUWASEYI Gabriel Aka Sheyination

Mr. Kiddah: Wow dats good to know

Mr. Kiddah: Can we know morw about your family background?

Seyi Nation: Hmmmmmmm
Actually am from Osun state, Iwo, ileogbo.
I stay in ibadan, Oyo state

Seyi Nation: Am the first born in,
Family of two

Mr. Kiddah: We’d love to know more about your education and lifestyle

Seyi Nation: I finished  my primary education at Join heirs Nursery and primary school, Ibadan. My secondary education at Loyola also at Ibadan.Finished my tertiary  education in Osun  State University, Oshogbo.

Mr. Kiddah: How do you feel been a source of inspiration to students in osogbo campus?

Seyi Nation: All thanks God because without Him all of that won’t be possible. I feel delighted, relieved and Happy.

Seyi Nation: It has Indeed  been God

Mr. Kiddah: Dats good to know, so let’s divert a bit.

What do you think about the fashion trend in uniosun?

Seyi Nation: Fashion trend in Uniosun…..
I Wil score dem 75 %

Mr. Kiddah: Wow so what do you think we students can do about it?

Seyi Nation: We should try and improve our fashion style by check to fashion model.

Mr. Kiddah: Cool,  so what do you think about the Upcoming Uniosun Street Fashion?

Seyi Nation: Well…..
It is a nice and cool idea….

Mr. Kiddah: What do you expect as the outcome of the streetfashion?

Seyi Nation: Enough oriention about fashion style for both MALE AND FEMALE

Mr. Kiddah: Wow cool, so what do you think we can input or add to the streetfashion to make it unique?

Seyi Nation: Well…..

Seyi Nation: If we get a famous fashion stylist to motivate our fashion style here in Uniosun and make it up in a magzine as well

Mr. Kiddah: So there is this question osogbo campus students would love to ask you

Mr. Kiddah: How do you combine the voluntary help you render to them and academics?

Seyi Nation: It’s been God my brother

Mr. Kiddah: Wow, so what motivated you or rather what led to you deciding to be of help to us?

Seyi Nation: Hmmmm..
It is just a passion in me.

Seyi Nation: Cos i hate cheating….. And some order issue  that can end up to the downfall of orders

Mr Kiddah : What’s your favorite designer?

Seyi Nation: I dnt really av any favorite designer..

 Mr. Kiddah: Ok sir cool nice having you around sir, any last words of encouragement to the students

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