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Type of single ladies and why they are still single

Type of single ladies and why they are still single.

Ever wonder why some ladies are matured, beautiful, intelligent and hardworking but still single? Well, I’ve strategically grouped these ladies into different categories.
Some single ladies will find themselves in one or more categories and guys can also know why a decent Lady is single and disgust the idea of being in a relationship.

1   The single by choice.

Some ladies singleness is a decision taken by themselves, they don’t want to date or have a boyfriend because it’s their choice. Nothing is actually wrong with them,like no health issues,it’s not spiritual but they have decided strongly in their heart not to be in a relationship. They have choose to be independent and free.

2 The career seekers.

This category of single ladies are the ones I call the “boss ladies “.They have big dreams, targets and so on, they believe been in a relationship will distract them, waste their time and also make them lose focus. Their singleness is also own by the fact that they pour all their love and attention into what they do. These ladies don’t care about love as long as they are getting their money.

3 Ladies that are yet to discover themselves.

Ladies in this category, are yet to discover themselves! They have so many questions about themselves and they are yet to get answers to them.
What their dreams are? What they really want in life? Their favorites? The type of skills they have or want to learn and so on. Being in a relationship for them might create complications and moreover they need to focus on grooming themselves!

4 Ladies that are still in love with their Ex.

This categories of ladies are not over their past, they are yet to accept the fact that the relationship is over and move on. They are still hoping he will be back very soon, so they stay single and wait for him.

5 Ladies with trust issues.

These ladies have had a series of relationships that didn’t go well, their heart was broken and shattered. They don’t want to fall in love because they are afraid the next relationship is going to be like all others. They want to remain single to clear their heart off the past and even if they force themselves to be in a relationship, complications can arise from having trust issues to jealously, being overprotected and so on.

6 The adventure ladies.

These ladies love to explore,travel to places,they love excitement and are ready to roll out anytime.They did rather stay single than be in a relationship because they feel they are going to be tied down by their boyfriend/lover.

    7 Ladies who hate commitment.

This category of ladies, don’t want to be in a relationship because they despise been engaged and been committed! They want to be single, they want to be free, they feel falling in love comes with a lot of responsibilities and they ain’t ready for them.

8 The ladies with checklist.

These ladies checklist for their ideal man is so impossible!
Handsome, sexy accent, rich, tall, spontaneous, Romantic, caring, loyal, funny, Godly, travels to exotic locations on a whim and o on.
The reason why a lady is single can sometimes be personal or obvious, some are even single because their friends are! Also, some parents restrict their female children from dating until when they think they are matured or of age and know the true definition of love.
Being single can be actually very fun! But I will be very candid with you that being in a relationship with the right person is more interesting and fun to being single and lonely!. While you are still single,discover yourself, work on yourself, build an enviable life for yourself  that will make your future beau proud to have you! If you think you are not ready to be in a relationship don’t force yourself!

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  • Humm actually i will say i agree with the writer, and I hope some ladies will definitely work on it. I love this "Build an enviable life for yourself that will make your future beau proud to have you" 💯
    God Bless You Dear.