This is what 57 looks like

This is what 57 looks like: Mother says coconut oil showers and TikTok dance routines keeps her youthful

  • Jules Osmany, 57, lives in Northampton with her husband, Sid, and their children
  • BBC radio contributor maintains her ageless appearance using coconut oil
  • She uses the music video app TikTok to keep fit with dance routines  

By Florence Scordoulis For The Daily Mail

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Jules Osmany lives in Northampton with her husband, Sid, and their children, Louis, 20, and Alexa, 15. After a career as a make-up artist, she is now a BBC radio contributor.


I’ve realized that so many expensive creams don’t do what they claim they do. They can’t get rid of wrinkles, just soften them. Botox is the only way to banish wrinkles (I started getting it last year), but a daily skin regime can help, too. I love coconut oil, as I find it locks in moisture for longer. Every day, I put it all over my body and face before getting in the shower and then gently pat skin dry. It works as a cleanser, but is so hydrating I don’t need to use a separate moisturizer.


Since the lockdown, I’ve become obsessed with the music video app TikTok. I work on dance routines at home, which I then film — sometimes I upload three videos a day. I’ve never enjoyed the gym, so this is my way of keeping fit.

Jules Osmany, 57, (pictured) who lives in Northampton, revealed that she maintains her ageless appearance with daily coconut showers


When I turned 50, I went on my first solo holiday, to Bora Bora in French Polynesia. The plan was initially to have a big party here but, on my way back from viewing a venue, I happened to walk past a travel agent and it felt like fate. I never had a party. The trip was the most liberating experience of my life: leaving my husband and children at home to go off on my own adventure, walking up volcanos, and seeing my 50th in with the sunrise on the beach. All women should travel solo at some point.


Four years ago, I started ‘Red Lippy Day’, a fundraising event every May, to raise money for Dementia UK. I was inspired by my late mother, who was rapidly declining with the illness but one day asked me to go out and buy her a red lipstick. She was always very glamorous and it was like she was herself again, for a moment. It stayed with me, the confidence-boosting power of a good lipstick. I have a muted red Dior Ultracare Lipstick, in No.808 (£30, and, when I wear it, I always get told how well I look.

Jules is a contributor to Treasure Quest, on BBC Radio Northampton, every Saturday at 10 am.

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