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The Last Virgin by Mr kiddah Episode 9 And 10

**Cynthia’s side of the story **
Now everything is back to normal or so i thought, 100l went by now in our 200l nothing really happened just that sola later died of h. I. V. At first i thought that made the virgin hunters stop unknown to me they were busy recruiting people since we’ve blown their cover.

There is this guy in my department, his name is mayowa his a yoruba boy though but very intelligent, handsome, cute and also his an artiste. All this gat me Tripping for him i couldn’t just help myself.

Suddenly in class one day he came to approach me and asked to be my friend, who am i not to say yes to him.  Soon enough we became friends throughout the 200l now in 300l and we had started dating i thought it was a perfect relationship but unknown to me he had planned everything from the start, mehn girls fear guys o.

Two months, three months nothing related to sexual stuff has happened between us not even kiss, this actually made me trust him and that was actually his game plan to earn my trust. By now we had started living alone but we all rent our apartment in the same place except for Elizabeth…

On a fateful night mayowa came to sleep over like he always does, we both were talking when we heard a knock i started wondering who that could be not until mayowa brought out a gun and screamed at me “Go and open the door my friend “. Three hefty guy’s walked in, all masked before i could say anything mayowa hit me on my head with his gun and this left me unconscious. They all raped me one after the other including mayowa leaving me in a pool of blood.

I woke up with a serious headache and also in my own pool of blood, who am i to tell, who will believe what i just said. Nobody would believe me because every knows mayowa to be a gentle, easy going guy….

Now I’m the next victim, how will i tell Elizabeth my bestie, she would not believe me and even if she gets to believe me she’ll make jest of me cause i had fought with her due to the fact that she doesn’t really supports my relationship with mayowa but unknown to me oge also suffered the same thing

**Oge’s side of the story**

Epi 10

Hmmm why me, my dad died, i almost lost my life, my mom now a widow. Why did i fall for such a cheap trick….

**Oge’s side of the story**
I should have suspected him from the start because i actually got to meet kiddah the same time Cynthia met mayowa, unlike mayowa kiddah is a very lousy and funny guy, and my mom had always warn me about funny guys, she said they are always green snake under the grass.

Kiddah was well known in school due to the way he interacts with people in school, girl’s were always after him and i was actually shocked when he asked me out, i was like a whole me out of the girls in the school.  He actually asked me out after a class in front of the whole students, my course mates actually made me accept without really thinking because they were all screaming accept accept.

Soon enough we became two love birds in school, everyone got jealous of us and i was also into him, unlike mayowa kiddah and i do kiss, romance and do all sort of sexual things except sex itself.

Not until a night he invited me over to his place, but unlike the normal days i do visit him he offered me a drink but i was actually full and turned down the offer and he said no problem but you know when a guy wants to get you to do something na he was sha using style to persuade me to drink it but i kept refusing so i decided to find an excuse to leave but it wasn’t really working because he really wants me to sleep over which cannot be possible because no one really knows what he has in stock for me.

I checked the time on my phone and saw that it was 8:00pm so i stood up and was about leaving but instead he said i must drink d juice unless i won’t leave, i hurriedly drank it so i that i could get to my hostel on time before anything happens but instead he started kissing me, it was then i realized he was trying to delay me so that the drugs could start working as soon as possible . But before i could make any attempt i had start to feel dizzy and stumbled on d floor… But still kiddah did not pity me i sha managed to scream but……

Watchout for episode 11 and 12 tomorrow the grand finale

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