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The Last Virgin by Mr Kiddah ( Episode 6)



**Cynthia’s side of the story**

Suddenly we heard a knock on the door, mehn I and Elizabeth were disorganized we didn’t know what to do, so we decided to keep mute but the person continued knocking but still we kept mute but suddenly the door opened and Immediately I pissed on my body , it was then I realized that it’s folake so I whispered to her to come and immediately she entered the bathroom she saw funke’s body hanging and immediately she saw this she screamed… suddenly we heard a male voice outside asking what’s wrong, it was then folake told us that funke’s dad is outside …

Me: we are doomed

Elizabeth: haaa mogbe mo da ran

Folake: so you killed her?

Before I could explain folake ran outside to tell her dad , even Elizabeth doesn’t know the full story of what happened the other night…………..

**police station**

**Elizabeth side of the story**

We were being held in custody with restriction to mobile access, while we were being held in custody we heard a woman shouting and screaming that her daughter has being kidnapped and the kidnappers were asking for a ransom of #1,000,000…. She started screaming chineke mo my oge , suddenly it occurred to me that it’s been a while we’ve seen Oge….

**Oge side of the story**

I was on my way home from a party and almost at my hostel before two guys came out of nowhere and kidnapped me..I was blindfolded and soon I met myself in an empty room with two guys, later they forced me to give them my mom’s number asking for a ransom of #1,000,000 within 7days or else they’ll deliver my dead body to her door post

**Back in the police station**

**Cynthia’s side of the story**

Elzabeth what are we to do now, who will even believe our story, even you yourself you don’t know the full story, she was surprised so I narrated everything that happened, she started crying when she realized that her boyfriend has been killed… while we were busy discussing funke’s dad walked in with her lawyer so I and Elizabeth were taken to the DPO’s office where funke’s dad , mom and lawyer were sited and to my own surprise funke’s dad is the state commissioner of police and before I could say anything Elizabeth screamed

Me: what’s wrong

Elizabeth : we are in deep shit

Me: what’s wrong na?

Elizabeth : my dad is funke’s dad lawyer

My dad fainted……………

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