The Last Virgin by Mr Kiddah ( Episode 5)

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**Elizabeth side of the story**

Hmmmmm I even thought I would be the first to fall victim of the virgin hunters, now they’ve unleased what they are made of …. The question now is who is next, is it I or Cynthia or Oge… I think I just have to tighten my seatbelt and I am also happy that john is not one of them …. Now I’ve decided to start living a good life o……

**Cynthia side of the story**

Oh you’ve been wondering when it’s going to be my turn or you think I am next well well………..

I also decided to stay far from guys after what happened to folake and funke, the church goers amidst us …

**phone rings**

Me : hello, who is on the line?

Stranger : its uche

Me : na wa o since

To cut the story short he told me that today was his birthday and after wishing him a happy birthday he invited me over for his birthday party which I agreed to attend with Elizabeth………..

**Uche’s birthday party**

When I got there I met a lot of people there smoking, drinking and eating, there were a lot of things being used lavishly………..

Elizabeth went to hang out with her bf (john) while I was left alone looking for uche , john went to call uche for me since they were friends…

Soon enough I hooked up with uche and later on, he offered me a cup of drink which I told him I can’t take due to the fact that I don’t take alcoholic drinks then he got something different for me and unknown to me the drink has being drugged…………

As I was about to drink it I noticed a look in uche’s eyes , like he was waiting for me to take it, this actually discouraged me from drinking it.

I noticed he was trying his best to lure me into drinking it but since I am being suspicious I decided not to take it so I told him I would like to go and unknown to me they’ve planned that both I and Elizabeth were going to be victims that night so I stylishly told him I would like to be on my way that I just received a text that we’re having 7am class tomorrow .

I went to call Elizabeth and I noticed she was already high so when I told john that we would be on our way he was happy and that surprised well as of now it’s none of my business I really have to get to my hostel as soon as possible as I was dragging Elizabeth along I saw one of the other girls that was among us (The Virgins) .

I wanted to ignore her but something told me to call her and as I was about to do that I saw her dancing with sola , well there was nothing I could do. suddenly I heard a gunshot which led to commotion, everywhere got disorganized within a minute which left me to decide whether to abandon my friend Elizabeth and run for my life then suddenly john suddenly beckoned on us and tried to help us escape, it was then I realized john had fallen in love with Elizabeth but unfortunately for us john was caught by sola ……..

Sola : john so you want to betray us for a lady

John : it’s not like that…..

Before john could utter any word he was shot on his forehead and left in his own pool of blood, then sola pointed the gun at me and the next thing I heard was the sound of a gunshot…….

At first I thought it was sola that fired at me but later I discovered it was a total stranger who saved us and helped us to our hostel……….

**Funke side of the story**

**Alone in the room**

I have totally ruined my life , imagine a young girl of my age with hiv, what will I tell my parents and my friends who are looking up to me, it’s better I leave this world for good than to face it’s shame and embarrassment …………

**Cynthia’s side of the story**

On getting to the room I met no one in the room so I laid Elizabeth down on her bed while I went to sleep…..


I was still asleep and enjoying my sleep after a long stressful night then suddenly I heard Elizabeth scream….

Me : you this drunkard that almost got us killed , what’s it again this morning

Elzabeth : come and see funke in the bathroom

On getting to the toilet I saw funke where she hung herself, she had committed suicide , different questions started flowing through my mind

Who would believe us if we told them what happened?

What should we do?

Why did she kill herself?

Or did someone kill herself?


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