The Last Virgin by Mr Kiddah ( Episode 4)

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**Folake’s side of the story**

**alone in the toilet**

Hmmmm see what my life has turned to, now I’ve become a disgrace to my family, what will I tell my parents that are trying their best to send me to school… is this how I’ll repay them of their good deeds……

I have to get rid of this pregnancy and thank God the hiv result I was given was not for me , it has given me a chance for redemption…


**Back in the hospital**

Oge : so doctor you mean she’s pregnant

Cynthia : after the hiv again

Doc : which hiv?

Cynthia : she went for medical check-up and she was told that she’s hiv positive

Doc : according to test being carried out by our professionals she’s hiv negative………….

It was later the doctor that did the test for me begged me that the result was meant for another lady

**Funke’s side of the story**

**inside sola’s room**

I was inside sola’s room since he has been troubling me to come visit him for a while now, while we were talking he made love advances to me and claimed that he really loved, at first I was shocked but later I realized he was serious with it or so I thought……… I told me he should let us to be friends since we are both among the choristers in the church, but instead of him to stop he knelt down almost crying, on seeing this I was convinced that he truly meant what his saying so I pulled him up and kissed him but instead of the kiss to die down it grew more intense , mehn sola can kiss for Africa o…. the guy loves kissing see the way he was performing wonders on my lips immediately I got wet , and at this point I was trying to control myself so that the unexpected won’t happen but the harder I try the harder it becomes to hold myself so I actually gave up and meanwhile I’ve missed being romanced by a guy ………………

Gently he pulled down my skirt and my top leaving me in my bra and pant, then he gently undressed himself fully naked, mehn….

Me: all that for you?

Sola : na so we see am….

Then he came towards me kissed me again and unhooked my bra, and he removed my pants and laid me on the bed then…………………………

 **Oge’s side of the story**

**in the library I was trying to read but it’s just not sticking to my brain, I kept thinking about what happened to folake then all of sudden my phone rang……..

Me: hello who is on the line?

Stranger : it’s the school clinic , your attention is urgently needed

Me: what happened?

Clinic : one of your friend named Folake was just rushed down here…….

**School clinic**

Doc : good day lady

Me: sir please what’s wrong with my friend?

Doc : she had an abortion and it damaged her womb, the probability of her to be able to conceive is very low

Me: haaa folake , why? Why?

Doc : take it easy dear

**Funke’s side of story**

**Romance continue**

It was very obvious that sola is a sex freak, the guy took me to cloud 9 even without penetrating yet, soon enough he tried to penetrate and I realized he wasn’t wearing a condom so I asked him to get one and he said I should not worry it that his clean, well I was too lust so I didn’t even bother to persuade him to get one……..

Mehn he gently penetrated inside me, at first it was painful but later I started to enjoy it…..

**three weeks later**

I got ill and it was getting serious , I was rushed to the hospital where a checkup was done, when the results came out I was told that I am H.I.V positive……..

**back in the hostel**

Everyone was seated speechless, folake was just recovering from the abortion she did which damaged her womb, now her probability of being able to conceive is very low… now funke is back with her own H.I.V positive, every one of them was speechless… 

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