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The Last Virgin by Mr Kiddah ( Episode 3)



Elizabeth was back in her hostel only to meet nobody, she quickly showered and decide to take a nap….


**Elizabeth side of the story**

**back in John’s room**

When john was about to successfully disvirgin me , his phone suddenly rang and he was told that his dad is at the school gate so he has to quickly freshen up and unknown to me I would have being the first person to be disvirgned.


**Funke’s side of the story**

**in church**

I was in church then I sited sola from afar, he happened to be the choir master and that gave me the belief that his a good guy so I made it my mission to get close to him……..

**after service**

Me : bro sola

Sola : oh sister , wow cant believe you’d still recognise my face

Me: why wont I, can I get your contact, I wish to know you better sir

 Sola : no problem

**later on we exchanged contacts**

**same day**

**Folake’s side of the story**

I was in church when the youth pastor walked up to me and told me that he noticed that I could sing very well, so he made a proposal for me to join the youth choir which I thought would be lovely… he told me to wait for proper introduction

After the introduction he collected my contact and we rounded up the meeting,  while I was on my way back to the hostel I noticed the youth pastor (Bro Segun) was following me…. At first I thought he was stalking me but later………..

Me : sir are you not going home?

Pastor Segun : that’s my hostel down there

Me : I was scared at first

So when we got to the front of his hostel he told me to branch so that he could treat me well , at first I ignored but I fell for his sweet words…. Mehn segun’s voice is so sweet and lovely

**Inside Segun’s Room**

It was well furnished and beautiful, he later offered me a glass of juice which I stylishly collected from him, few minutes later after drinking it I slept off…….

**Waking Up*

I met myself naked, and I was very confused at first I thought I was in my hostel only to see myself beside Pastor Segun…………

Me : pastor what have you done?

Pastor Segun : oh oh you mean the fun we just had together , to be really sincere I never expected you to be a virgin with all this your endowment and beauty

Me: Pastor it’s not fair o, you just ruined my life, career and future **sobbing**

Pastor Segun : sorry dear had it been I would not have done it

Me: Shutup after drugging me, so this is how you do other sisters in the church …..

I left his room angry and crying, with my life being ruined and the following questions flowing through my mind

What will I tell my fellow roomies?

What will I now do with my life?

What will I do from now on?

Who will I tell?

What is the way out?

**Pastor Segun’s side of the story**

Immediately folake left my place I put a call through to femi , we are both part of the virgin hunters, folake never saw it coming…

Me : femo femo

Femi : wetin we see today wey you call me

Me : you won’t believe what happened today

Femi : you don give person belle abi because that’s your normal routine

Me : no o, one down o

Femi : one down ?

Me : I’ve disvirgin folake the church girl that you were saying she won’t be easy to get to

Femi : are you for real?

Me : yes o

**Folake’s side of the story**

**Hospital **

I was not feeling too fine so I decided to go for medical check-up in the hospital, after the check-up I was told to wait for my result……

Nurse : who is folake

Me : I ma

Nurse : **looking at me in a very suspicious way** the doctor wants to see you

**in the doctor’s office**

Doc : miss folake , just know that this is not end of the world o

Me: doc whats wrong?

Doc: here is the result of the test

**I opened the letter and what I saw really amazed me**

Me : H.I.V what ?

Doc: my dear don’t cry , you can still live a normal life with the right prescriptions

Me: **crying** temi ti baje o (my life has been destroyed)

**in the hostel**

Elizabeth : why are you crying folake

Cynthia : I wonder o

Me : don’t worry

Oge : don’t mind them, what’s really wrong

I explained what happened to me to them, they were all discouraged that I was the last person they thought could do that and no matter how I hard I try to explain to them they won’t believe that I was raped……. Suddenly I ran to the toilet and went to vomit and when I came out I was feeling dizzy and later collapsed so I was rushed to the hospital…


Doc : who brought the lady that was just rushed in

Oge : I sir

Doc : nothing to worry about she’s just 3weeks pregnant

Elizabeth , Cynthia , Oge, and Folake : Pregnant!!!

Watchout for episode 4

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