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The Last Virgin by Mr Kiddah ( Episode 2)

Note: guy’s please note this story is multi sided so as not to get confused while reading it

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EPISODE 2 (Encounter With The Virgin Hunters)

Unknown to them sola, femi and the 3rd guy (uche) are part of the virgin hunters, they were also part of the guys who kidnapped them …..
They actually did this so that by the time they come back in a decent way, the ladies will be deceived to give in to them………….

**back in the hostel**
The ladies were busy crying and now scared, Elizabeth was even suggesting that maybe they should consider forfeiting their adminssion since the virgin hunters are now after them…
Elizabeth: it seems I’ll go back to my papa house
Funke : I think I’ll also do the same
Cynthia : as for me I’ll tell my parents since they are rich and well connected, might even get a personal bodyguard
Folake : I don’t see any reason why we should all start saying this, I think this is a challenge to each and every one us
Oge : challenge? How?
Folake : if we can hold on to our virginity till date, I think we keeping it till we graduate should not be a big deal….
Cynthia: the choice is yours
**following day in school**
NOTE : the story is now multi sided from here

**Oge’s side of the story**
I was on my way to the admin block for registration, suddenly I saw a familiar face but can’t really recollect where I knew him from and to my amazement he greeted me
Stranger: hello beauty
Me: sorry do I know you
Stranger : you’ve forgotten me so soon, its I Femi
Me: oh my bad, thanks for the other day
Femi : you’re welcome, meanwhile can I get your contact , I wish to know you better
Me : oh no problem, here it is 0808******
Femi : talk to you later
**Folake’s Side of the Story**
I was on my way to get something to eat nearby since I’ve not really settled down and already tired due to the stress of the kidnapping, on my way I met sola
Me : good day sir
Sola : hahahah don’t sir me I’m just a young boy o
Me : if you say so sir, thanks for the other day
Sola : my pleasure, meanwhile can I get your mobile contact
I was about to give him not until it occurred to me that sola might even be part of the Virgin Hunters even though he looks responsible, so I thought to myself I won’t be fooled with his appearance
Me : ok sir that would be later, I don’t know it off head
Sola : later then

**Cynthia and Elizabeth side of the story**
(Cynthia and Elizabeth were both in the same department) 
**on their way to school**
Cynthia : so folake tell me what type of guys do you like
Elizabeth : cute, handsome and rich, as for me the main thing I need is his riches , that’s why I did not date all those poor boys in my hood
Cynthia : money ke
Suddenly we met the third guy(uche) who rescued us with one of his friend , he looked decent and gentle so we decided to greet him
Cynthia : hello sir
Uche : I don’t think I know you girls
Elizabeth : we are the girls you and your friend rescued the other day
Uche : oh oh my bad, evening ladies and your names are?
Cynthia : mine is Cynthia but you can call me c baby
Elizabeth : mine is elizabeth you can also call me eazy bae
Uche : what a lovely name well meet my friend john
To cut the long story short, uche exchanged contacts with Cynthia while john did the same with elizabeth

**Elizabeth In John’s Room**
Within few days I and john were already into eachother
John : I am happy you finally decided to pay me a visit
Me : funny you, I was all alone in my hostel with folake , you know she’s this religious type that’s why I decided to come
John : funny you, anyway you are looking beautiful today o
Me : thanks
John is a lovely, handsome and rich guy, I actually fell for him because his room has riches written all over it, while we were busy discussing he made an attempt to kiss me but I ignored it at first so he continued talking as if nothing happened but later when he realised that I was now fully into him he made another attempt to kiss me which was successful, I might be a virgin but that is not my first time of kissing…….. the kissing was becoming so much passionate and before I knew what was going on, his hand was already in my bra gently massaging my breast, mehn john is so good when it comes to romance …………
**still in the romance session**
Few minutes later he got undressed and he did the same to his body, at this moment I had forgotten about the whole virgin hunters and I had even forgotten that I am still a virgin, john really made me feel special that moment…
We continued with the romance and then he made his way inside me to disvirgin me, then suddenly……………
Watchout for episode 3

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