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The Last Virgin by Mr Kiddah ( Episode 1)

The Last Virgin by Mr Kiddah
Main Cast’s:
Note: guy’s please note this story is multi sided so as not to get confused while reading it
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Episode 1 (Introduction)

(Funke’s Residence)
Funke’s Dad: My daughter remember the kind of family you’re from, and don’t forget to be a God fearing lady in school
Me (Funke) : Daddy I promise to be of good behaviour, you know I’m the only one left for you as your companion after mom’s demise, I hope now you’ll have time to remarry.
(Cynthia’s Residence )
Cynthia’s Mom: My daughter I won’t be able to take you to school, the driver will take you instead…  Don’t worry when your dad is back from his business trip we’ll come to visit you.
Me (Cynthia)  : Mom!!!
Cynthia’s Mom : you know I wish I could take you but I’ve got to seal a deal of 3 billion naira,  don’t worry I promise to send you extra 100k next week, just manage the 200k with you
(Folake’s Residence )
Papa : My daughter please don’t disappoint us, you know you are our only hope we don’t have much but don’t worry when your mama collects the loan from her thrift organization, we’ll send it to you
Me (Folake): Papa its okay I understand, once I settle down I’ll also look for a work to do to sustain myself
(Elizabeth’s Residence)
Me (Elizabeth): papa and mama see wetin una give me, do you want me to go and suffer ni
Elizabeth’s mom: my daughter please bear with us, this is what we could afford
Elizabeth’s Dad: i don know say you’re a bastard child, do you now want me to go and do money rituals or what?
(Oge’s Residence)
Me (Oge) : Mama and papa this is too much na, when it’s not as if i won’t come back home
Papa : My daughter it’s not much at all, we even wished we could provide more than this.
Mama: just be of good behaviour in school my dear
Me: i promise not to disappoint you mama and Papa .
**Story proper**
Hi5 University (imaginary name) 

They are all fresher’s (new students)
Funke got to school first, she did her registration and headed to her hostel, she happened to be the first to get to the room…  While she was still accessing the room’s beauty, Cynthia the rich girl walked in with beauty and riches all over her…  Funke had already started to admire her before she could even say hello folake barged in looking wretched but still managed to look good in it, while the three of them were trying to get along Elizabeth and Oge walked in the same time….
few minutes later they were all into each other while Elizabeth was trying to get acquainted with Cynthia in order to get out of her riches…….
They were still talking being the first day in school,  suddenly a group of guy’s barged in, blind folded them and took them away.
By the time they were un blindfolded, they realized they were in an unknown area :
**the guys were all masked**
Voice1 : God mother take them inside and check out if they’re intact
Godmother (also masked): okay sir
It was when they got to where they’re were going to be checked they realized they were not the only one being kidnapped… still they didn’t know what they were being checked for…….
**few minutes later**
After they’ve stripped them naked and placed a calabash on each and every one of them, ten of them were taken to a separate room including FUNKE, CYNTHIA, FOLAKE,ELIZABETH AND OGE …..
**unknown voices conversing with bedroom voices**
Folake was able to get few words out of what they were discussing “just ten …….. are virgins’’
Later on they were all blindfolded and found themselves tied up in a bush the following morning, now they’re left on our to be rescued
Still no one came to rescue them, luckily for them three guys were walking by the bush and heard their screams, they rescued them and the ladies were shocked that the guys were not surprised to see them tied up…..
Guy1: my name is femi , you guy’s are freshers right
The Ladies: **nods **
Guy2 (sola): hahhaahahahaha that means you all are virgins niyen
**they looked  at eachother with a surprised look**
Sola: well my advice for you girls is to keep your virginity till you graduate, the guys that kidnapped you will be back for you in a decent way , its left to you all …. or lemme just say its left for you to become The Last Virgin…. 
(This is the main phrase behind the title)
Femi: and please note that they don’t have any good/main motive behind this, they just do it for fun
Sola: They call themselves ‘’’Virgin Hunters’’, you’ll hear about them soon enough
(This is the main phrase behind the title)
Watchout for episode 2

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