Story: The lost soul By Kikiyetty (Episode 1-3)

Story: The lost soul
By Kikiyetty
Episode 1-
Ever since i was a little girl have always wanted to go to a private university, yes ma parents are rich ma dad is an honourable and my mum owns one of the most expensive boutique in lagos. I was with my bff when when my phone rang, it was my mum
Me: hey mum wassup
Mum: sam your Father is around he wants you to come home right away
Me: awwww mum c’mon i just go here
Me: I know but he has a surprise for you
Me: yay! I love surprises am on my way{hang up} kenzy am sorry i have to go
Kenzy: oh c’mon it nothing just keep me updated about the surprise{she winked at me}(dah girl sha she sabi aproko ehen
Me: haha kenzy see that your ear ehen see her head, talk to you later joor{i hugged her}
Kenzy: bye lovey dovey{she says that all the time} miss ya
Me: yeye girl bye bye joor

Story :The lost soul
Episode 2
Me: mum am home, where is everybody, mum?
Mum: hey baby, guess what?
Me: mum you know am not good at guessing….
Mum: take a guess
Me: my brother is back?
Mum: yes baby
Me: wow have missed that big Bully where id he?
Mum: he came with his girlfriend, so they went shopping
Me: home will be so much fun, wait till i tell kenzy
Mum: talking of kenzy, how is she?
Me:she is fine, she sent her regards
{i called kenzy}
Me: hello girlfriend
Kenzy: you don reach house?
Me: yes ma brother is back he came with shikemi
Kenzy: ehhh see grove for you ooo…..i’ll come over tomorrow, take care dear bye (as i hung up i saw my daddy coming downstairs i ran to hug him)
Me: daddy welcome when did you arrive?
Dad: not quite long, have you been enjoying yourself
Me: yes daddy
Dad: okay then i have a surprise for you, two actually
Me: {grinning} daddy?
Dad: hehehe see her face okay let’s sit down first, okay here is your admission letter to convenant university
Me: {almost falling down} what! Daddy thank you i love you daddy, awwww this is so sweet
Dad: hehehe that’s not all
Me: awww dads are always the best
Mum: ehen ehen it is your daddy that will cook for you today
Dad: don’t mind her i will cook for you, she is just jealous {those two sha i love them so much}
Me: hehehe who is jealous?
Dad: my darling pretty wife{he was smiling in a way that showed only his upper teeth} yea my baby as you are going to school i have appointed tilo and cjay to be your bouncers
Me: dad i don’t need one not to talk of two
Dad: yes you do my dear, we dont want what happened last time repeat itself{that beautifies old man ehen he never forgets something easily i remember what vividly, there was this guy i was dating then victor,victor is so cute, very cute, i guess kenzy even had a crush on him, there was a time i went over to his house without my guards i actually told them to leave and then i got drunk in victor’s house and then the unimaginable happened,victor plotted against me and then some guys came from  no where and then tied me up in a room, they kidnapped me, thanks goodness i wasn’t raped, I spent up to a week in that room before i was released, it was then i was told that my dad paid a ransom of me $1.5 million my dad couldn’t arrest him because victor’s Father is also a very important person in town, he is the deputy governor of lagos state apart from that, he paid paid back my Father with $5 million and also helped my Father in becoming the honourable}
Me: daddy ehen you have not forgotten….
Dad: anyways the second surprise….is this {he gave me a pack i collected it, lo and behold i saw a case of iphone 7 the latest phone in town, I almost swallowed ma dad}
Me: thanks alot dad, I love you {i started planting kisses on his face} [to be continued]

The lost soul
Episode 3-
I went over to kenzy’s house
Me: kenzy guess what
Kenzy: hehehe i know it is about the surprise so what is it?
Me: ma dad got ma an iPhone 7{i showed her}
Kenzy: omg! You this girl ehen am happy for you, come to mama{we hugged, that girl ehen she can hug for africa} this is really cool
Me: I know right, the second surprise is i have gotten admission into convenant university, I am to resume next month
Kenzy: shut up
Me:am dead serious
Kenzy: wow you go girl{we did our secret handshake…..shhhh don’t tell anyone}
Me:am so dead happy right now
Kenzy: I know right, it written all over your face hehehe but girl you are lucky ooo only you you have all apple product,one of the most expensive university in Nigeria cool, I envy you ooo….
Me: shut up joor, what about you see whose talking, you are also going to school abroad, new york of all places haha i know very soon you will get your own iphone am just happy you will be around when i resume and then i will go to the states with you when you resume isn’t that sweet
Kenzy: you rock bajee hi five, low five, baby five {that is our secret handshake, don’t tell her i told you😜} (ma phone rang)
Me: hey big bro wassup
Leon:sam where are you?
Me: at kenzy’s place
Leon: come back home joor shikemi is around
Me: on ma way egbon
Leon: don’t stay long ooo….ma regards to kenzy
Me: she will hear (hang up) baby gotta go abi you will kuku come along with me
Kenzy:no lovey dovey wanna help mum bye
       (at home)
Leon: hey baby sis have missed you alot
Me: I have missed you too egbon you no dey try ooo
Leon: mabinu aburo mi (don’t be angry my sister) have been busy, you know when you are in the states na to hustle oo my baby {people like calling me baby ehen makes me feel special}
Me: awwww where is shikemi?
Shikemi: little baby (hugging me from behind )
Me: awwww longest time
Shikemi: congrat on your admission
Me: ohhhh thanks
Leon:thats my baby so when are you resumed?
Me:next month
Leon: I will still be around we can go together then
Me: okay then

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