(Short Story) The Other Room By Mr Kiddah

My husband is very romantic ehn he will kiss and caress me for so many minutes Before even getting down to the main thing, i was waiting in the living room for him to return from work while watching one my favorite program but i was not really paying attention because i was thinking about my husby and can’t wait for him to get back from work, well unfortunately he got back and did not even kiss me neither did he hug me he just went straight to bed….

He did the same thing for the next two months so i decided to cheat on him since my mind was telling me his already cheating on me,i told him i would be traveling the next day and that i would be gone for few days since he also told me his going on a business trip.

Well he left before i did so i called on my concubine to come over so dat we could have a lovely and romantic time together.
Soon enough he came over we had the whole house to ourselves we started romancing, kissing, he was already working wonders with his hands on my body to the extent that i even got wet within few minutes suddenly i heard a car horn this surpised cause it’s sounding like my husband’s car so i told segun my concubine that we should head to the other room.
When my husband entered he realized that i was still around and unknown to me he came with his own concubine, immediately he noticed i was still around he pointed to a room and told the lady to go and hide their but she was heading to a wrong room so he screamed not that room I’m referring to the other room.
As soon she entered she screamed and segun my concubine shouted what are you doing here bukky i thought you’ve gone to shop….  Na so the other room cause wahala my husband was cheating on me with my concubine’s wife while i was doing the same with her husband…..

Inspired by the current trending slang the other room

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