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6 Lies Ladies tell in a relationship

 Apparently, not all ladies lie in a relationship, but there are just some common lies that ladies can’t avoid not telling in a relationship. Some lie for fun, some lie to cover up their past and save their current relationship, while some don’t even know they are lying!. This write up will give guys the insight when a lady is lying!.

01 We’re just friends

It’s nothing serious, we are just friends. This is one of the common lies ladies tell. Obviously, as a lady, we know when a guy is making love advances to us, but simply because we are in a relationship and we enjoy getting a daily compliment from the guy when our boyfriend finds out, we lie that we are just friends and it’s nothing serious, whereas we know the guy is actually aiming at something!

02 I’m single

Ladies, we love this phrase when a guy we are crushing or want to desperately want to have something with asks us out / make advances despite the fact that we are in a relationship. We lie that we are single because we don’t want to lose the attention of our “long time crush”.Some ladies in a relationship won’t even hesitate to drop the phrase when a rich guy or handsome guy approaches them. Well, this is one of the most common lies ladies tell in a relationship that will never end.

03 Age or Birthday

A boyfriend of mine once told me, you don’t believe a lady’s age/birthday on your first date. Although it’s actually wrong to ask for a lady’s age on the first date, some ladies lie about their age perhaps for you to think they are still young or very old and some also lie about their birthday, in order to get birthday gifts from you before they walk out of the relationship. I actually don’t blame guys that become CIAs after the first date to be sure you were not lying on the first date!.

04 I’m still a virgin

The relationship is still very young (few months old) and you are asking her for sex already, guy even if she is not a virgin, she will tell you she is one and will want to keep her virginity till her wedding night, for her to be sure you are not after her virginity or the hole between her legs, you’ve just got to wait for the time she is sure of forever with you!

05 I don’t care if you double date.

This is one of the common lies ladies tell in a relationship. Either you’re joking or serious about having another woman, and she is telling you she doesn’t give a damn? She is lying. A lady in a relationship will not even dream of sharing you with another lady not to talk of you telling her! We can’t stand it, Trust me she is going to be a stalker soon!

06 When last she had sex/No of Sexual partners.

Obviously, she won’t want you to think she is a whore, when you ask questions like when last did she had sex or how many sex partners she had before you? She will lie about it, she will want to cover up her past and save her relationship, even if she has changed, telling you the truth will jeopardize the trust you have for her and reduce the strength of the love in the relationship.
Ladies love getting away from so many things, we lie in order to have our ways!
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