Information: Steps To Buy Your Car From Usa And Ship:

Steps to buy your car from USA and shipping.
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1. Register on the car auction site or search the car listing website:
The first step is to determine whether you want to buy from a car listing site such as and or if you want to buy from online car auctions such as and If you buy from or, all you have to do is search for the car of your choice. Do not buy from private sellers if you do not have someone you really trust who will pay and receive the car for you. It is best to buy from traders, especially those who are a limited liability company (LLC) with good comments. If you buy from dealers, you can call them for inquiries and close the deal; jump to point 5

Online car auction is also a safe and reliable way to buy your car across the Atlantic, especially when you do not have a trusted ally. Make no mistake in sending your money to anyone or merchant. The most important thing is that you do not send your money to family and friends who do not deserve trust, where they can use their money to pay rent. Some auction companies offer free registration, while others require initial registration of $ 200 (N72, OOO), plus annual subscription. Some of these online car auction sites are,,, ect. You should also send your ID card along with other documents needed to increase your display capacity.

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[the_ad id=”1373″] 2. Learn and understand common terms used in auto auction:
This is very important because technical terms are the tools you need to make purchasing decisions. You need to know the meaning of the title of the rescue, clean title, buy it now, pure sales, improved car, engine driver, running and driving, etc. You also need a basic idea about the location of states in the USA. UU. Not like the guy who bought a car in Oregon thinking he was in Orlando, Florida. Finally, pay an additional $ 1500 (N250, OOO) for shipping costs in 2014. OYO is your condition if you make a mistake today, where you will have to expel N540, OOO.

Keep in mind that you can not export a car that does not have a valid address. You should move to the display only if the title document is a clean address, a title certificate, or a salvage address.

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3. Find the car you want to buy and choose: This is the most boring part of buying a car
Nigeria, because sometimes you have to drive your car from Lagos to Ibadan in search of a car you might not like in the end. However, the online auction allows you to access more than 150,000 cars from your room. Is not this interesting?
At this point, you really need to shine your eyes. This is where most people mistake when they fall in love with a car that looks pure in the picture.

In this way, the fact that the car’s narrative indicates that it was an accident in the foreground is ignored. You may not see the frontal damage on the image because the insurance company may have partially repaired the car before you bid on it. Therefore, you must pay attention to every detail and do not look at the car on the roof.

[the_ad id=”1372″] Well, some car dealers in Nigeria do not care about the details because they prefer to buy the cheapest cars that come to fix them here. Be sure to check your car / vehicle ID before proceeding to buy a car that you think you need to know more about. You can also hire independent inspectors who conduct a comprehensive vehicle check for you. This inspection service costs about $ 90.
4. Buying Your Car:
Some cars are listed as “buy now”, meaning you can buy them at the price immediately. However, other cars can only be purchased on a predefined display date. Then, you have to wait for this date and time to join the bidding room (see Nigerian video in the bidding room). [the_ad id=”1372″] When I come to this stage, always pray for this, we have.
Naija Internet does not bother me. I went to Swift Network for Smile and moved to Smile network for Spectranet. Now, I use FiberOne and
MTN because it is best for my current site.

5. Pay for your car:
The two primary options you can use to make a payment are bank transfer and debit / credit card. Card payments are faster and more economical, but will be restricted to a maximum of the card and transactions rejected on most Nigerian cards. So, you’re probably left alone with bank transfer. Buy dollars on the black market and send them through your bank account. [the_ad id=”1373″]

In addition, you must start transferring funds as soon as possible so that the dealer does not sell the car to another buyer. You should also make sure to pay in your company’s account. No delay will be tolerated if you buy from auction companies because you will be charged a fine ranging from $ 50 to $ 100 if auction companies do not get your money within 2-3 business days. Get the money right away, and credit the online car auction account for the same amount. So, your payment is processed for the car and ready! The car is yours

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6. Charge your car from USA UU:
At this stage, you or your shipping agent is in USA. UU. They will organize a crane or platform to receive the vehicle and deliver it to the nearest seaport in the United States. This cost can be as low as $ 100 and can be up to $ 2500 if you buy your car in a state far from the seaports of the East Coast.

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