IF GOD BE FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US by Ohamara Victor—-must read

MY STORY              
         In all Hiccups of the year which had been accompanied Envies, beefing’s, tiring assignments, presentations, mind blowing examinations all  which has been graced with moments of Scare and plenty. In all, we have been able to overcome all wicked plans  of the enemies who had tried to slow God’s purpose in our lives “If God be for us, who can be Against us”.      That’s my story.
The UNASHAMED  Story.       
     My dear colleagues, let’s tell the world our, story. That we are made of greatness, We are Strong, we are Victors, above all, we are UNASHAMED.                 
 #MyStory, #myevent.  #Savethedate #DEC15 #telltheStory .
#TheUNASHAMEDStory        #AnticipateSIGNOUT2016 #unashamed. 
I am Ohamara Victor, 400l English and international relations, Osun State University.
I rep Top-Initiative, I am #unashamed 

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