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How to get over an impossible crush

how to get over an impossible crush

how to get over an impossible crush


How to get over an impossible crush.

Getting over an impossible crush can be heartbreaking, but to be logical they obviously don’t want to have anything to do with you or rather they want friendship with no string attached. When you are totally obsessed or addicted to the person you find it very difficult to get over the crush you have for them. Research has shown that the most impossible crush occurs between mutual friends and saving the friendship and getting over it seems tedious!

These few tips will surely help out.

1.  Assent you have a crush

The very first tip is to assent you have a crush. Admitting you have a crush on someone can help you overcome it.

2.  Talk about it

Talk about your crush with matured people who you know will not judge you, they might have experience and you can also learn from them the strategy they used but still be conscious of steps you take after hearing them out.

3. Write it out

When you write about how you feel, what you love about them and reasons why you can’t be their lover, you sometimes get over it.

4. Confront and confess to your crush

Perhaps, you’re crushing on a friend, coworker or colleague in school, confront the person and confess to the person to be sure, they have no feelings for you also their replies can help you. It might seem difficult but you can confess via letter or text. Remember their reply is the key.

5. Don’t get fooled by sweet words

Be conscious of the reply you’re given, don’t let sweet words fool you because some people are so good at it. They will make you feel they have a crush on you in return meanwhile they don’t and after sometimes you start dating then you start feeling the way you shouldn’t.

6. Accept defeat

If their reply is not pleasing, don’t let this weigh you down or make you feel like you have low self-worth, accept defeat and don’t turn down their request to be just friends with you. Don’t allow them to joke with your feeling in the friend zone.

7. Don’t blame yourself

It’s not your fault, don’t hate yourself if they don’t want to be in a relationship with you, don’t be deceived by your adamant heart that they will still love you. Focus on your flaws and not the difference between you. Never force yourself to change in a bid to get them.

8. Distance yourself

One of the best ways to get over a crush is to distance yourself from him/her, avoid physical contact with them. If your crush is your close friend, try to make yourself less available, if your crush is a coworker, focus more on your work and avoid all sort of group discussion. Focusing on other things helps in reducing the number of times you think about them.

Even in the same environment with your crush does not mean, you think about them, when in the same room, and not doing anything, get your mind occupied, think about yourself more, daydream about having the fantastic things you desire and so on.

9. Meet new friends

Meeting new people helps in forgetting your impossible crush, if you really want to get over it, don’t just sit at home or get sober at one corner of your room, hang out with your cool friends, not necessary party or clubs, join extracurricular activities, try new hobbies, volunteer for community services and so on. We all get to meet new friends that are more interesting and fun to be with than our friends. You can’t be hanging out with funny friends./getting engaged in interesting activities and thinking about your crush simultaneously No!.

10. Never beg your crush to take you as this will make you seem desperate and picture you as a low esteem person.

11. Be optimistic

You will find people with great potentials than your crush.

Lastly don’t despise them, obviously hating them still means you are not over them and this can make the whole process of forgetting them futile.


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