Hottest!!! Glo 0.0k Settings On XP Psiphon – Hotspot Available

Many people would possibly have downloaded the brand new Vpn which can skip throttle that’s XP Psiphon however can’t set it up for free browsing and it is definitely special from other VPNs settings as it comes with latest interface, new performance and many different upgrade.

So in this post, am going to be writing on the way to set it up together with your glo 0.0k free browsing for faster surfing and also going to teach you how to use hotspot for laptos, desktops, tablets and phones.
How To Set Glo 0.0K Free Browsing on XP Psiphon
• First of all, Download XP Psiphon by Clicking HERE
• Open it and click on the 3 short lines then click XP
Generatorand put the below settings.
As shown below

• Then click GENERATE after then it should connect and you can start blazing!!
How to use XP Psiphon for Hotspot
This method am about to list out can work for anybody if you read and understand it perfectly..
• First of all, On your Hotspot.
• Go back to your connected XP Psiphon and click on the 3 short lines
• Then click Tether and Click Wi-Fi tether then click Start

After clicking start just connect to tje hotspot on the receiving device and start surfing ;-)..

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