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Funke My Sexy Secretary by Mr.Kiddah (Episode 15-20) FINAL EPISODES

This story was written by mztarkiddah

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Episode 16

Om the getting to the location where I was about to be
killed I felt a hot slap on my cheek still being blindfolded
and my mouth sealed, it was when I was un blindfolded
that I realized that it was the governor that slapped me….
Governor: This is not lalaski , return him and get me the
real lalaski *in an angry tone*
So while they were trying to bundle me back into the
vehicle I made some groans which made the governor
realized that I wanted to say something so he ordered
one of his men to realse me….
Me: Sir your daughter has been kidnapped by lalaski
Governor: **laughs** which daughter, we all know that I
only gave birth to two lovely guys
Me: Sir am serious o, Lalaski was so sure about it
Governor : Why should I believe you?
Me: Am her husband
Governor: Guys take him away before I lose my temper
Suddenly one of the men brought out a gun and pointed it
towards the governor saying that does he think lalaski is
stupid, this got me scared so lalaski had an inside mole
…. Wonders shall never end while I was busy thinking
about this i heard a gunshot only to wake up in an
hospital bandaged and cuffed to the bed like a criminal.
Governor : so mr man tell who you really are because this
whole drama of my daughter is not making sense….
Suddenly a woman barged in crying…
Strange woman: where is she, i need to see my
Governor : shut up woman, i told you we don’t have any
daughter just our son segun
Strange Woman: we have a daughter o the doctor lied to
**phone rings**
Governor: hello
Lalaski: it seems you think I’m joking, well i have stepped
up my game, i want you to meet someone
Segun: daddy please help me out, i don’t want to die here
Governor: if you touch my son……
Lalaski: shut up mr man and prepare a sum …
Episode 17
**in the governor’s house**
Temi: **confused**
My mom: **confused**
Commissioner : **confused**
Governor : **confused**
Governor’s wife (mrs alao) : **not confused**
Mrs alao: i told you, she didn’t die but you won’t believe
Temi: what’s going on dear
Me : **speechless **
Governor : cso place a top level arrest warrant on lalaski
Mrs alao: i want my own daughter and my son o
Me: here she is ma’am
Mrs alao: (running towards her and at the same time
crying) **hugs her**
Temi: still confused, babe whats going on
Me: ask your so called dad to explain, because I don’t
really understand and his in the best position to explain
Governor : Commissioner you better shed light on the
issue on ground or else…..
**10 masked guys barged in**
They took the governor and the so called body guards
ran away, Nigerians will always be nigerians…. I was not
even scared because this won’t be the first or second
time i would be kidnapped, i even thought they were
coming for me…..
**2days later**
Still we haven’t heard anything from the people that
kidnapped the governor, the matter started getting worse
because lalaski and funke thought we were lieing not until
they saw it on tv….
Am just happy that none of my family member is
involved but still temi wants to know what her father is
hiding from her….
**Commissioner’s house**
Temi was holding a knife and swears to kill herself if he
doesn’t explain whats going on to her, instead he just
laughed and said if you kill yourself the only thing I’ll
regret is the money i spent on you, am not your father
and i don’t who he his but it seems it’s the governor so
get the hell out of my house….
**back to my apartment **
Temi walked in crying, just had to comfort her and asked
what happened and she explained everything to me so
we decided to do dna test to proof if it’s true….. It was
while we were doing the test in the governor’s hospital a
black van came and dropped a body in front of the
hospital and drove away, when the nurses and doctors
moved towards it, they saw the body of the governor on
the floor, whether dead or alive they don’t know…..
Watch out for the next episode
Episode 18
The doctors rushed the governor into the theater for an emergency operation,  i and temi were outside shocked and confused and before we knew what was happening the press were already around…. I just wish say the way Nigerians press respond to emergency is the way Nigerian police force does….
Mehn Nigerians press can be so annoying and persistent with all the questions they’re asking,  before you even try to answer one question another one don surface…
To cut the long story short the police force arrived late to control the press but before they came back the doctor that did the dna test for us has confirmed that temi is really the daughter of the governor, we were still on this when another doctor came out and broke the news to the press that the governor is dead…
Immediately Temi heard she busted into tears now the focus of the press were on her wondering what was her connection with the governor, i just don’t know why some doctors can’t keep their mouth shut, na so the doctor say “She just realized that the governor is her dad”
Come see different questions from the press,  the police force were unable to control them because they never expected a press so large as that then one of the press asked a stupid question “Did The governor Abandon You Or What? “…. I was angry with the question and before I knew what was going on i shouted at the man but the man was being so stupid, the idiotic fellow that claimed to be part of the press asked the question again which increased the level of my anger and before i knew what was happening i gave him a hard punch as in a punch that can bring down a whole building……
The next thing i saw was the man on the floor lying down in his own pool of blood while i was handcuffed and taken to the station…

Episode 19
I was released few mins later through the help of the Commissioner , now the governor is dead and his son is still with lalaski and funke,  what am i gonna do now to protect temi and my daughter o because no one really knows what happened to the governor o… 
**phone rings**
Me: hello
Lalaski : padi mi how far now **laughing**
Me: guy guy
Lalaski: give the phone to temi
Me: she’s not here
Lalaski : i can see her beside you wearing a blue top with a black jean
On hearing this i was shocked And scared cause it’s now obvious they’re still after me and my family and i really need to do everything in my power to protect my family..
**hands over the phone to temi**
Temi: **angry tone** what can i do for you
Lalaski: it’s simple as of now you’re having #6000000 balance in your bank account
Temi: **shocked** how did you know my balance,  who gave you access to my bank account details
Funke: ogbeni shut up and make a wire transfer of everything to the account details that will be sent to you or the next thing you’ll wake up to see is your daughter’s dead body
**call drops**
Temi: **crying** who did i offend?  That’s now revenging in this way
Me: what happened
She narrated everything to me and now i need to be very smart and play my game well because if i get caught the consequence will be great….
I called upon the commissioner and he secretly sent disguised security guards to my house,  we secretly passed my phone to the guards who took it to the secret agents headquarters where the call was traced….
Lalaski made a great mistake of coming into my house himself to eliminate my daughter that night he never expected anyone to be around to protect us… Immediately he stepped into my compound he was apprehended before he could make any move…  I was happy that at last the whole matter is coming to an end then suddenly we heard a gunshot, it was until i woke up the following morning in an hospital that the bullet hit me hard on my stomach…..
Episode 20 (last episode)
After waking up seeing temi,  my mom nd my daughter beside me i started smiling, i tried to talk but i could not, they noticed this and called on the doctor but before he came back i was having a cardiac arrest… The doctor tried to sedate me but the harder they tried the worse it gets….
I was rushed for an emergency surgery, mehn everybody were already worried… Is this how am gonna lose everything after fighting so hard to end the war in my life…  No it shouldn’t be this way… No God why me?….
After spending 4hrs in the surgery room the doctor explained to the commissioner that the bullet had penetrate one of my kidney that an emergency surgery will be needed to be done abroad and it’s gonna cost me #5 000 000…
Where i wan see dat kind amount, while the debate was going on funke came in with a gun, she  cocked it and aimed it towards my almost lifeless body,  people started begging but before we could stop her, she fired the gun and it hit my mom straight on the heart, she actually ran towards me to prevent me from dieing……
My mama dead and I’m still unconscious, not long the governor’s son was retrieved back and to our surprise the governor walked in,  we all thought we saw a ghost but before he could explain how he played the game he helped me out of the country for proper treatment…..
Back in Nigeria…
I was so sad i lost my mom due to my love for punani, well it’s all now in the past…  The governor explained how the commissioner came up with a plan to fake his death which will make lalaski come forward and that will enable us to capture him, what a brilliant plan but it also led to the end of my mom…..
Well i had lots of goodies to myself as the husband of the governor’s daughter,  i and temi gave birth to three more children making it four (2boy’s 2girl’s )
The end….  Watchout for my upcoming story “The Last Virgin Standing”

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