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Funke My Sexy Secretary by Mr.Kiddah (Episode 1-10)

This story was written by mztarkiddah
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This story is 100% fiction, a story of a successful rich young man whose past came back hunting him and who also had to deal with his present and future problems he created by himself
Funke My sexy secretary

My name is john, I was fortunate to be employed in a big company after my nysc where I happen to be the general manager of the company.
I was given a personal secretary, my secretary happens to be a spiritual and decent woman, she recently got married and later resigned. The hunt for a new secretary began, several ladies wrote application letter.
30 ladies made entries for the post,a lady called funke was lucky to be employed. This was how my s-x journey in the company started.
Funke resumed work on Monday wearing a tight short skirt with a round neck top which revealed her sexy figure. When she came into my office to submit a file I got lust in f—–g her so I made up my mind that my p—k must to taste her tonto.
To cut the long story short I was given an appointment with a foreign company agent in Abuja and I was to be accompanied with a lady so I nominated funke.
We lodged at an hotel whereby only one room was available so we decided to sleep together , on hearing this my p—k dn dy give me sign say today na today , I had to control it from revealing my aim.
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When we got inside I went to shower and change because it was already late. After I had shower and changed funke also headed to the bathroom this was how I started to plan how to execute my devilish plans . So as she headed to the bathroom I changed into a short and acting as if I was sleeping, when she came inside and saw me on the bed thinking I was fast asleep she dropped the towel wrapped her around her sexy body revealing her full bossoms it was from there I started suspecting she’s a nursing mother but my other brain between my two legs was busy telling me not to bother about that . When she backed me I stood up gently and grabbed her boobs from the back and squeezing them gently and to my greatest surprise she did not resist it, all she did was stretch her hand and dip it into my shorts to reveal my full grown devil and she was shocked at the size of it
Funke: Oga na only u get this black mamba
Me: Na so we see am
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She just smiled and went back on her kneels sucking my devil and it’s ball like there’s no tomorrow which I was really enjoying so in order not to c-m soon I stylishly stopped her from sucking and lifted her and droped her on the bed and brought my devil to the entrance of her p—y it was dripping so much like a water fall immediately I inserted my devil into her p—y, she screamed out loud saying oga this tin too big o take am easy….
Following Morning
**meeting with the white man**
I arrived there early with funke so that the white men will know we are serious with the meeting after waiting for about three hours a sexy receptionist walked up into the meeting room to inform us that the white men won’t be around that day so we had to lodge into the hotel but this time around we were provided with two different rooms, immediately funke heard this she looked me with a disappointment face and to be sincere i was also disappointed because my devil won’t be at work tonight so I just acted normal and the receptionist led us to our different rooms…
**8pm same day**
Someone knocked on my door and when I opened the door for the person I realized it was the same room service lady that came, to my greatest surprise she was looking way sexier than she was in the morning so I decided to put my one night stand skills to test, I started with knowing her name and to my greatest surprise she bears the same name as my secretary but the only difference between them was that my own funke was way busty than her although her own is normal but I did not care about that in my current situation because my devil was already complaining .
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Soon enough I engaged in a naughty chat with her it was when then she told she has a crush on me but doubts if am way loaded down dere, my devil just shakes its head saying if you know how loaded and energetic I am you would run away from the room instantly.. This actually annoyed the real me not my devil so I decided to teach her a lesson not knowing I was going to meet my nemesis, soon enough I started kissing her and I had the intention of small romance session because I really wanna teach her a great lesson …
Funke: Oga take it easy u wan spoil my lips
Little did she know I had a lot in store for her and luckily she was wearing a tight skirt so there was no need to stress myself in getting her naked, I just laid her on the bed and raised her skirt up that was when I made my biggest mistake because I was already lust into teaching her a lesson to the extent that I forgot to wear a cd ..
Soon enough I was banging her hard that I can see she herself was really enjoying it my head I was happy while I failed to listen to what my devils’ brain was telling me after I felt c-m gathering but I neglected it and I poured all my seed into her. Someone knocked the door, she dressed up and left a c whispered to me don’t worry I’ll clean up, to my surprise my own funke came in .
Funke: Oga oya it’s my turn o, you just dy make person h—y with the way you dealt with that lady..
I just smiled and after then we had just a round before she left for her room.
I woke up around 7am and we were to meet with the white men by 8am, immediately I saw that it was already 7am I dashed into thr bathroom to take my bath and dress up so as to be able to catch up with time, lucky me I got to the meeting room by 7:50am with funke already seated after few mins the white men came in and we had the meeting…
**3 weeks later**
I was in my office when a text came in “We need to talk o ..(from funke)”…
I was confused and downcast also wondering why didn’t she clean up and how she got my number, well that wasn’t my problem .. I really need to find out maybe what she’s saying is true so I called her back but she refused to say anything so I dropped the call and soon enough a text came in of a location we were to meet and I started wondering how a lady who works in Abuja got to know so much about osun well I just ignored that and later in the day I went to where we were supposed to meet. it was the bar of a popular hotel (Ripples) but on getting to the bar I met nobody and i started wondering about what’s going on, while I was still thinking the bar attendant walked up to me and she said I was instructed to give you this…
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It was actually a sealed letter labeled “To You My Love”, In my mind I was like wetin bring love enter the matter now well that’s another story for another day.
“Oga John Na wa o u don forget so soon that you have planted your seed somewhere and now it’s germinating, well I can help you out call this no 080******”
I dialed the number but it was not going through so I sat down at the bar and ordered for a bottle of gulder, I sat down and started thinking about how my life got so f—-d up, am still 23 and not yet ready for marriage talkless of fathering a b—–d child not long enough my phone rang and when I picked it ….
Funke: Hello oga
Me : What’s wrong **in an angry tone**
Funke: Sir the bank sent someone to see you and she insisted on seeing you today
Me: Alright I will be with you in few mins
When I got to the office the person I saw shocked me and on seeing her I almost ran mad …..
Temi: John Na ur face be dis
Me: **acting tough** temi temi
I know you all might think the lady was funke but she ain’t and right then I wished it was funke dat I saw
Episode 4-5
Me: Omo you sweet die o
Temi: What do you expect
Me: Just make sure you use the drug I gave you o
Temi: Trust me you know am not ready to nurse any child now.
It happened that I had one night stand with temi where she promised to clean herself up after the s-x but I never knew she had alot in store for me o. .
**4 weeks later**
Temi: Hello john, there is problem o
Me: **surprised** what problem o
Temi: Am pregnant o
Me: **shocked** for who?
Temi: You of course
Me: You must be joking o I can remember clearly that I gave you a drug to use after the s-x session
Temi: Ehn ehn you wan dey deny am abi, don’t worry we’ll meet later
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**back to reality**
I started thinking about the one night stand I had with her back in uni but to my surprise she seemed less concerned about it which gave me a sigh of relief…
Temi: Back to the main thing that brought me here, we noticed that your company is no longer active with the account you have with us, so we decided to come and inquire about it
Me: It’s simple we are currently pumping our revenue into a new line of business that’s why.
Temi: Alright sir **winks at me then looked at my devil**
Then my devil whispered to me see fresh fish for ground o no dull yourself so while she was about going I asked for Her contact but her response shocked me..
Temi: Don’t worry I’ll beep you when am less busy, your contact is not something hard to come by..
Well I was not actually bothered about t since I was the manager of the company… It was another text from my nightmare that brought me back to my right senses
“meet me again tonight same venue ”
I was like wetin I do this girl but while still bothering about funke, a text came in and on reading the text ……..
**light fades*
Me: *shocked* where am I? What happened?
Later after regaining consciousness I remembered all that happened that led me to being admitted in an hospital..
This was the content of the text
“if you want to meet your child come to my house during the weekend, this is my address from Temi”
Then I noticed my life has being so f—-d up but there was nothing to do correct it, I told the doctor to discharge me immediately but he insisted on me being discharged later in the night….
In my two bedroom apartment thinking about what I could do to correct my past then a text came in from funke am at the venue waiting for you o. …immediately I dressed up and headed to ripples on getting there I met funke sitted already..
Funke: Hope say u carry enough money come, Na u go pay my bills
.. well that was actually the least of my problems right now
Me: Back to the main matter on ground I need to see the doctors report till I believe what you’re saying..
Funke: If that’s ok by you, pick the hospital and we’ll do it tomorrow
**following morning**
We both went to the hospital to do the test and the result came out it was positive, which I was not happy with…
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I started wondering what I would o but to my amazement something unimaginable happened, immediately I stepped out of the hospital with funke a group of guys waylaid us, shouting at funke that if she makes any attempt to remove the pregnancy she’s dead… When they left she started begging me and deep inside me I was really angry and left there in annoyance still happy that God just saved me from one problem, now I have to deal with Temi
**Saturday morning **
Bachelors life ain’t easy , no one to run errands for you… I needed to get airtime on my phone to call temi so I decided to send my neighbour’s daughter….
Me: Susan how are you?
Susan: Am fine sir
Me: Please help me get #1000 mtn worth airtime.
She was actually washing clothes when I sent her to get the credit, when she got back she knocked on the door and I opened, when she handed me the credit the wrapper tied to her waist got loose …….
Episode 6
Susan: Mr john nu why are you now looking like someone who has not seen a girl naked before
Me: No be dat just surprised at the size of your boobs
Susan: Thanks o
Me: Are you sure they are real
Susan: Confirm it yourself if you don’t believe me
Me**attempts to touch it**
That was how her mom called for her, an hatred for her mom developed immediately because she stoped me from tasting they honeypot between her daughter’s leg……
**temi’s place**
Temi: Welcome john
Me: Wow what a nice place…. **a cute little girl ran towards me to greet me**
Susan: Wow blood is thicker than water o, it’s been 5years and still the bond between us still shows…
I was actually happy to see the girl she is cute and beautiful , am happy to call her my child so later on I asked about her hubby and she told no man has actually been able to admit to marry her and as well ready to take care of Kate…
Me: So you named her Kate
Susan: That’s what you planned to name your first female child…
The child later slept off on my laps and she took her inside, when she came back to where I was sitted she planted a kiss on my lips whispering I miss that devil of yours, on hearing this I lost my sense of humour, the next thing I realized was that we were both unclad , it was my mom’s call that brought me back to life…
Mummy: Haba john, why have you stoped picking my calls
Me: Nothing mama I have been busy with work ma
Mummy: Alright my child the lord is your strength and hope you have not forgotten what I have been telling you since about bringing a wife home.
Me: Mama don’t worry I’ll soon bring a wife home as soon…. **temi snatchs the phone from me**
Temi: Evening mama it’s me your son’s fiancee and am happy to tell you that you already have a grand child….
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Episode 7-8
**Next Day At Office**
I was alone at the office thinking about the drama that happened between I and Temi, I could not act back because it’s so obvious the child is mine and she was actually beautiful and fun to be with, at that moment I feel like cuddling her (blood is thicker than water) .
So at that moment I decided to put an end to all my bad ways and settle down with my baby mama , so I made a call to her
Me: Hello temi
Temi:hello love
Me: I’d love it if we could meet my mom this weekend
**with my mom**
When we got to my mom’s place Temi knelt down and greeted her wella , Kate on the other hand is very lovely and fun to with because before what was happening she was already playing with my mom like they’ve known each other for ages but something happened that spoilt the good time we were having…,
**someone dashes inside**
Kemi: Haaa oko mi (my husband) you are back, your son has even missed you oya solo (Solomon) go and greet your daddy…
Temi eye’s and I became four leaving me speechless….
** in my office**
Started thinking about the whole drama that happened with temi and my mom , I really need to hold kate tight o … She did not even let me explain who that woman was and who really gave birth to the child… While I was thinking funke walked in…
Funke: Good. Day sir
Me: How are you funke
To cut the long story she sha, she invited me over for the weekend to attend her birthday party, I was really angry and annoyed with her, I am trying to fix my life while she’s busy telling me about one birthday party.. She was angry with my decision well I cared less ….
**Friday Evening**
Someone knocked my door and I was really scared wondering who it might be , started thinking that I was about to be robbed..,
Me: Yes who is that
Susan: It’s me Susan..
I was surprised she came to my apartment at that time of the day , she later explained to me that her mom had travelled and she forgot her key to her friend’s place that she wants to sleep over so that the following day she’ll go back to pick it up….
Still busy watching hip tv special while she slept off on the chair opposite mine, well I actually thought she was asleep but when our so called nepa took off the light I decided to go inside and sleep they brought the light back on my way and to my surprise I saw Susan naked on the chair, immediately I had an erection…. She just winked at me and whispered I have been waiting for this moment for so long , I just stood there speechless without being able to do anything and I guessed she noticed that so she decided to take the lead role by unzipping my trouser and when she saw what was really down there she screamed out loud , don’t tell me that is going into me and me as a person that I love ladies being amazed at my size came back to life by kissing her and had a lil session of Romance leaving her unclad , when I penetrated into her she screamed out loud but thanks to the noise coming out from the speakers the neighbors couldn’t hear us or so I thought… I started pounding her so had that she was screaming aloud when someone suddenly came to knock my door and when I checked who it was I realized it was Susan’s mom o…
Several thoughts came across my mind that moment.
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Episode 9-10
I really played a hard game escaping that night, well that’s another story for another day.
**Next Day**
Was bored and had nowhere to go so around 1pm I received a text from funke my secretary reminding me of her birthday party which I was actually now ready to attend, little did I know that she has alot in stock for me….
On getting to her place I noticed there was no sign of celebration , well I was bored and I can’t turn back after getting there….
**inside her house**
It was a duplex and I was surprised how a lady that her salary is being paid by me gets to live a luxury life like that…
Funke: Good afternoon love mi
Me : ** shocked and surprised ** when….. **she interrupted me with a kiss**
Then I saw an elderly man and woman entering…
The man: Good day my son, so you’re the lucky man my daughter has been talking about …
Me: **thinking** shuuu talking about me…
I was about to spill the beans when I saw funke winking at me just to play along , I wanted to find a way to get out of my current situation but the harder I try the harder it becomes for me to leave…
Soon funke found a way to take me out of the long boring conversation with her dad….
**in her bedroom**
Me: What’s the meaning of …..
Funke: Oga abeg no vex, my parents has being on my neck to bring a man home I just have to be smart with them and besides you look responsible…
After eating a delicacy cooked by their maid which I was not even comfortable with I made an attempt to leave …
Me: Sir and ma , I would love to be on my way home.
Funke’s dad: But funke said you’ll be sleeping over
Me: **my eyes and funke met** oh sir that’s true but an important issue came up …
I tried so hard to leave but they insisted on me sleeping over o, I sha ended up sleeping over in funke’s room …
Funke made some attempts to have me f–k her but I was just not in the mood, she tried all her possible best which later succeeded…
**following morning **
On getting to my office I saw a letter on funke’s desk and when I open and read it I realized it was a resignation letter and towards the end it stated that there was a surprise package for me on my table , on getting to my table I saw a brown envelope , when I opened it I saw some photos and a small paper with some writings on it, the photos contained myself and funke naked on the bed, and when I checked the paper it stated that ” to get rid of this paper pay a sum of 2million into this account”…
2 Millionaira ke, where I wan get am before I know what was happening 2 police officers walked into my office and told me i was under arrest and I kindly asked them for what but all they said was that I’ll understand better when I get to their office, two problems in a day, when I got to the station the assistant commissioner was the one who attended to me, it was then I realized his Temi’s father, yawa don gas am so sure I can’t escape this….
Temi’s dad : You impregnated my daughter and thought you can escape abi
Me: Sir its not…. **Before I could say anything a hot slap landed on my face that left me speechless **
**in my cell room**
Eh eh blackmail wahala dey wey I never settle now another problem don surface…
While thinking I saw Temi and she kinda felt for my pains, then my phone ranged and her dad picked it up since my properties were in his custody …
Temi’s dad: Hello
Funke: I want to speak with John, tell him if he doesn’t send the money to me tonight I’ll leak the photos and please get off the phone d–k…
Well funke did not know she just made an enemy with the devil, immediately funke droped the call, temi’s dad barged into my cell and i was seriously dealt with after which I narrated everything that happened between i and funke….
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A pretty young lady walked over to my cell and I was wondering where I knew that face it was not long until I realized it was temi’s bestie that I and my bestie in uni played a game of truth and dare with which led to an unwanted pregnancy which I forced her to abort and unknown to me it damaged her womb, but little did I know her dad is the state commissioner of police, on hearing this I fainted…
Voice1: Oh boy wake up , you’re just getting started
Me: Where am I?
Voice2: **laughing** you have been transferred to the state soldiers barracks….
Me: Please can you do me a favour
Both: What’s that?
Me: Let me say my last prayer

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