Family had a mini pub built in their garden during lockdown

Cheers to that! Family who were missing the pub build a mini boozer in their garden that looks just like a real local – complete with working taps, tankards and a seating booth

  • Crabtree family, from Wigan, had a mini pub built in garden during lockdown  
  • Enlisted help of Amy, woman behind Octovia Chic, furniture painting business
  • Octovia Chic built the pub full of handmade detail in just three to four weeks 
  • Drunken Crab pub went viral on Facebook after the business shared pictures 

By Claire Toureille For Mailonline

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A family had an amazing mini pub built in their garden during lockdown.

The Crabtree family enlisted the help of Wigan-based business Octavia chic to build and decorate the pub, which looks just like a real local, Bored Panda reported.

Amy, the woman behind Octavia Chic, a furniture painting business, shared pictures of the pub online, where they quickly went viral.

She explained it took three to four weeks to complete the project. The pub comes with an authentic-looking sitting booth and a well-stocked bar, decorated just like a real local.

Octavia Chic said in a comment on their Facebook page they were now swamped with commission requests as family across the country dream of getting their own slice of paradise.

Wigan-based business Octavia Chic impressed online after creating a mini pub in the Crabtree family garden, which looks like an authentic local


The pub comes with a car equipped with working beer taps and a mini fridge to keep drinks chilled

Opposite the bar, a small round table and cushioned wooden char sit two, for an intimate conversation

The business started by building a wooden shed in the corner of the Crabtree family, which they pained in black, grey and white and fitted with a double door and windows.

Inside the pub, they used wood stain to give the walls an golden hue, and kept she ceiling white – with apparent wooden frame painted in dark brown.

In one corner of the shed, they installed a dark wood table and a comfortable elevated sitting booth with white and red cushions.

On the corner facing the sitting area, they put a function bar that looks straight out of a local with its wooden frame holding chops and glasses.

The pub sits in the corner of the Crabtree family and took three to four weeks to be completed during lockdown

The walls and floors of the pub were painted with a honey hue while its ceilling was kept white, with a dark brown apparent frame

After some discussion with the Crabtree family, Octavia Chic created this sign board for The Drunken Crab mini pub

Inside the pub, a tasteful gallery wall made of old photographers, ads and mirrors surrounds the comfortable sitting booth

The bar comes with functioning beer taps and a mini fridge to store cold drinks. Bottle of mixers and alcohol were also propped downward against the wall to facilitate serving.

Opposite the bar and the booth, Octavia Chic put a small round table with two cushioned chairs with an anchor shared light.

The watering hole is filled with charming details, from the glass beer chops hanging from the bar to coasters and funny signs hung around the pub in tasteful gallery walls.

Playing on the Crab’s family name, the pub is stocked with scampi crisps, and crustacean can be spotted in several of the artworks, such as the drawing of a red crab and a framed row of seashells.

A closer look at the pub’s exterior. It was equipped with electrical lamps and pretty flower baskets


The pub is tastefully decorated with authentic bar stools and antiques, while a garland of fairy lights added a touch of cuteness to the whole work

Bottles of spirits, from whisky to rum, are propped behind the bar, ready to be poured into a delicious cocktail

Octavia Chic lined the walls with rows of old-timey coasters, posters and adverts to complete the pub

The well-stocked bar even comes with spirits, shot glasses and Guinness towels you would expect to see in a real pub

A look at the Crabtree’s courtyard and barbecue before the pub was built. It was entirely built out of wood

This picture shows the pub’s wooden frame. The wood around the door was carved to make it look like bricks

Playing on the family name, Octavia Chic introduced some nautical-themed pictures into the mix of illustrations, like these framed seashells

Pushing the ‘Crab’ theme to the limit, the pub was even stocked with some Scampi-flavoured crisps

This illustration of a red crab could be seen on one of the pub’s walls as a hint to the Crabtree’s name

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