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4 Effect Of Communication In A Relationship

Effect of communication in a relationship.

Is it compulsory we talk every day?

Communication is the bedrock of any lasting relationship. There is a 99.9% probability that you lose the chemistry in your relationship if the communication line is broken or sagging!!
Now the question is “Is it necessary we talk every day“. I am sure you will be convinced of the effect of communication in a relationship after reading this writeup.

I will be writing from my perspectives.

It’s necessary, in fact, mandatory-you communicates (calls, mail, chat, video calls, voice notes, text, and so on but it’s not compulsory you talk every day with your partner why?

1 Everybody needs a space where they can feel free and be alone with their thoughts.

He /she might not be complaining but trust me sometimes he/she needs privacy. Sometimes we just want to be alone.

2 You might be mistaken to be a stalker.

In a new relationship, I mean a relationship that is a few months/weeks old, you can be communicating every day in order to get to know each other very well, but when the relationship is deep, it’s not necessary, your partner might mistake you as a stalker. It can sometimes be annoying and frustrating when a particular partner won’t stop calling to know what you are doing? who you are with and so on.

3 He/she might think you are the jealous type

Some partners can take their communication game to another level I call  “The Monitoring Game”.Calling, texting, and so on is a way of showing affection and cherish your lover but when it’s too much like every day, he /she might conclude that you are the jealous type. Let him/her be free since you’ve given them the assurance that you love them then it’s not necessary you guys talk every day.

4 There is more love in missing

Honestly, in communicating every day you find out that there is nothing new to talk about. No new news, No new update, no new gist, no new story… Trust me you can’t keep talking about the same stuff every day, you get fed up, so in order to avoid this, you can limit/put intervals to your communication.

Communication can make or mar your relationship. Too much of everything is bad, communicate moderately.

Only people who love lives.

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