Captain Marvel – Brie Larson cryptic tweet About her youtube that confused fans

Published today (July 2), Larson’s first video shows off a selection of well known social media faces – including tech YouTuber iJustine and Hot Ones host Sean Evans – who’ll be appearing in her future content.

YouTube has been a place where I have learned so much,” Larson says in her introductory video, explaining why she’s launching her own channel. “Whether it’s been how to use my printer or it’s been watching how to be a considerate activist, this is the place to talk about things that are important and that matter.”

We wish her all the best!

Original: Captain Marvel star Brie Larson has been teasing… something on Twitter.

What it is, we’ve got no idea. A revival of her short-lived pop career? A spin-off featuring her Scott Pilgrim vs. the World character? News about another solo MCU movie?

Over the last few days, the actress has been tweeting a series of cryptic videos of herself in different outfits with her headphones in, trying to set up a video call.

She captioned the first post ‘I realised something…’, with the second one titled ‘Breaking news to the family…’ Just what is going on?

A Captain Marvel sequel had previously been announced for a 2022 release last year. Obviously the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has pushed a few films back, so maybe all that shuffling around has led to a major update on Carol Danvers’ second solo outing?

Brie could also be teasing another movie that she’s directed, after she released her behind-the-chair debut, the quirky indie coming-of-age comedy Unicorn Store, last year. She managed to get Samuel L Jackson involved, and it reviewed decently enough.

Realistically, though, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if Brie Larson was just teasing that she’s the latest in the long list of celebrities that have started podcasts or YouTube shows in lockdown.

Check out Brie’s tweets below…

We’re just not sure, and neither are her fans:

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