APC sets to lose Ondo election : Honourable O.Tayo

APC sets to lose Ondo election : Honourable O.Tayo

Initially, I decided to remain silent until I discovered some salient things concerning All Progressive Congress. The ongoing katzenjammer in the said party reminds me of a proverbial man who makes petrol its cream and tries to help his neighbour to extinguish fire and also the tale of a blind woman who powders her face and tries to confirm her beauty through a mirror. Both proverbial assertions are clear indications that the end of APC draws nearer. On this note, I will draw out both visual, historical and statistical, even chronometrical reasons why I affirm that APC sets to lose Ondo Gubernitorial election.

It should be noted that I am not a political partisan but a political thinker who is a freelance commentator on the political runnings in Nigeria. I will not forgive myself if I refuse to donate a cup of words for APC stakeholders to drink. I am not interested in the causes of the fight between or among the stakeholders in the aforementioned party but only interested in making sure that the acronym of the party does not change to ABC (ALL BACKWARD PARTY). Ipso facto, the historical aspect of the fight in APC makes me to realize that there had been a road that led to the recent ruckus concerning the primary election.  Since there is a need to consider the cause, I will draw out some connotations and assertions of Femi Fani Kayode where he asserts that there is a historical antecedent of the latest ‘ish’ in the party. Factually, Tinubu and anti-Tinubu squad. “…the party machinery has not only been taken away from Tinubu with the effective highjacking of Odige-Oyegun but that it has also opted to do the bidding of his mortal enemies and to fight him.

An eloquent testimony to this disturbing fact is the outcome of the Ondo state gubernatorial primaries where Tinubu’s candidate was edged out and cheated of the nomination by the party leadership.

This was the last straw that broke the camels back and predictably Tinubu has reacted in a very loud, aggressive and profound manner by publicly calling for the removal of the National Chairman of the party (Fani 2016: pt 6).”

However, the fact that there is a controversial interest in the party between Tinubu and other stakeholders, then, the rivalry party has a chance to win. Going back to my initial proverbial clause, it is evident that most Nigerians vote for party but not individuals as they believe that the party will produce the best for them. Without digressing, the reigning economic recession in Nigeria is blamed on APC but not only the offspring as the rivalry party is vigorously preparing to take control of politics in both the state level and national level. Yet, there is faction in APC despite the fact that the party is everyday losing its recognition in Nigeria.  Lot of criticism and lamentations have greeted state owned APC concerning the unpaid salary.

No one should expect my apology if I say that Tinubu is people’s choice, therefore, fighting Tinubu is like helping the rivalry party to win. Notwithstanding, ondo people are only expecting APC candidate. But now, there is ruckus in the party which will give the ondo people no other option than to go for the rivalry party in order to avenge the injustice that surfaced in the last concluded primary election as claimed by Tinubu.

The statistical approach where I affirm that APC sets to lose the governorship election can be visually understood when you see sadness on the face of anti- Tinubu squad during the aftermath of the governorship election. Before, the election there was a report on the allignment among the contestants to Tinubu for his choice candidate but now, they are all protesting with one voice. Statistically, out of the 2730 delegates sent, 2071 delegates are strongly against the winner of Ondo APC primary election as they protest through their respective candidate. Tell me how APC would win if scores are not settled with Tinubu. Imagine the number of delegates that are against the winner, let alone ondo electorates.

The latest opinion poll on Adaba FM anchored by Aladesanmi Oyekanmi is a conclusive reason why APC will lose Ondo governorship election as Ondo people said that if peace does not reign, APC will lose the election.  I will not forget the chronometrical approach that ingredients my concoction of facts. As the election draws nearer, I measure time and realize that there is no time for APC, they should quickly settle their dispute before they conclusively lose their recognition in Nigeria.

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