Actress Recently Got Married And Divorced in Just 2 Months— This Could Also Be the Work Of ‘Maame Water’

​Ghana celebrities  has just been told by an industry source that Kumawood Actress Benedicta Gafah recently got married—but her marriage lasted for about just two months.

Considering the fact that Bishop Obinim has said the notorious Marine Goddess aka Maame Water is after Benedicta Gafah, we think this could also have been the work of the demon.
Apparently, thebreak down of the marriage coupled with other hovering problems sent Benedicta Gafah to Obinim’s church–which led to the “spiritua” revelation that ‘Maame Water’ is looking to kidnap her and as such she should never swim in any water.
It seems this Maame Water has long been tormenting Gafah.

Let’s hope that with Bishop Obinim’s celestial connections and prayers, Benedicta Gafah is free and her next marriage will last forever…

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