A Brief one from KennyBadiru—enjoy & share

We got a sign, not just a sign but the revelation from the paradise of art that there is a place for us in the stars. Although,  our dreams may appear as if we are sleeping, it may appear as though we are lost but we know for sure that we are still on course, still strong, firm, undiluted,  undiffused, focused, fine and UNASHAMED.

Born out of the desire and will to remember how far we have gone and celebrate the future which lies ahead for us. Shame ran away from us for reasons we know of; It couldn’t stay put with us for we are bigger and better now, it couldn’t shake us because the one who holds us is unashamed of us, it couldn’t let down because the top is just where we were made for.
We are UNASHAMED even as we end the year with big grins and lip gloss on our lips *smile* with kisses and cheer to a brighter world world, hope and new beginning.
Even Kenny Badiru is UNASHAMED, Why should you then? LOL

I am KennyBadiru, a graduate of English and international relations, Osun State University.
I SUPPORT SIGN-OUT2016 #unashamed

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