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5 Little Things That Ruin Relationships


things that ruin relationships

Many things ruin relationships and at the same time, it’s normal to have a broken relationship, in a relationship where you have to deal with domestic violence, cheating partner/infidelity, assault, and so on, going apart is the best solution.

However, some insignificant things break a relationship. I will be deliberating on a few unnecessary things that breed premature relationships.

1. Little or no trust

Yes, little or no trust is one of the things that ruin relationships. Trust is said to be one of the foundations of a healthy relationship. In a relationship where one can’t vouch for one’s partner, you can’t predict where he/she can be or what he/she is doing at a particular time, such relationship is heading towards the rock. You should be able to trust your partner, if not 100%, at least to some extent. If you don’t trust your partner, you can’t love him/her.

2. Too many Expectations.

Of course, it’s cool, to expect more in a relationship, but being too much can cause disappointment, anxiety, and frustration.
In a relationship where you expect too much, you forecast a perfect relationship/perfect partner who you think should know what you want and the time you want them, such a relationship can be broken.

3. Lies

A Yoruba adage says”A house built on lies will surely be destroyed by the wind”. You can hide some things from your partner but you can’t hide them forever.
Trust me one day they will find out and this will break the relationship you have built no matter how solid the foundation. Lies are relationship wrecker, if you want to build a healthy relationship, you must be truthful to your partner by sharing your past and present experience.

4. Courtesy

Relationships bring two people of different attitudes/morals and mentality. Some people lack the power to ask for forgiveness, appreciate, cherish, and so on. Some even think it’s normal and see nothing wrong even when their partner complains!.
A relationship can come to its end if one of them lacks courtesy. Words/phrases like
I’m sorry
Thank you and so on can go along way and you have an idea of what it meant to your partner. It’s insignificant but it’s one of the things that breaks a relationship.

5. Finding faults in your partner

Argument/misunderstanding is born to happen in any relationship they make the relationship healthier if and only if both partners know how to manage and solve them.
In any relationship, where one partner finds fault easily/blames his/her partner for their arguments such a relationship might be heading towards the rock.
Also calling your partner names like “Mr perfect ” “Miss know it all” and so on, can bring your relationship to a halt!.

In any relationship, ups and downs are inevitable, during the hard times, love will help and put you through it all.

Is there any other point you would like to add as per things that ruin relationships or would you like to talk about what affected your relationships? kindly comment on them below we will like to know.

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